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S45 Beverages & Co. was incorporated during the year 2015 June 25th to market Amriith Moolika Paniyam (herbal drinking water) globally. The company has received MASTER DISTRIBUTIONSHIP from the Principal company Sri Dhanwanthari Ayurveda Prathishtan & Research Centre to market the product worldwide. The company is headed by Sri N T Sampath Kumar who has got rich experience in the beverages field for the past 35 years alongwith Sri Sreeprakash Earat with 35 years of running a manufacturing units and mining industry, Shalini M Jain who is running family business of Garment factory wherein she has got experience for more than 15 years and finally Jessy Prince…….

About Amriith Moolika Paniyam

Amriith Moolika Paniyam contains nothing artificial, not even inflated promises. The product HERBAL DRINK contains extract of the diferent herbs and their combination that promotes in curing and preventing certain ailments (refer recipes). Our product is processed in scientific way that not even a single drop is left untreated. If you don’t enjoy the taste of plain water, help you drink more of HERBAL DRINK.

“Herb Extracted Drink” shall mean purified water coming from either a protected undergound sourcd or from a municipal drinking water supply. It has been treated by Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ozonation, UV-light passage by one or more of several processes to remove dissolved solids. Herb extracted water tastes clean and smooth, fragrant with a sweet, bitter In mouth. Added with herbs singly or in combination of boiled Filtered and Packed. It shall contain Natural color of herbs, e.g., Natural sweetness of herbs, Natural Aroma of herbs. It is free from chemical, physical and pesticides contaminants, microorganisms, disinfection chemicals, toxic substances and radiological contaminants and most important NO PRESERVATIVES USED!

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